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Here you can see our range of high-quality products. You can be sure that our products always meet the latest standards and are to your specific requirements. Please contact us should you require more information.


Mesh Reservoirs

Our Mesh Reservoirs are constructed using a specifically manufactured galvanized wire mesh for this application, which is vitally important as this adds to the pressure your reservoir can withstand. Our PVC liners are made from virgin material and NOT recycled, due to risk of chemical leaks into the water over time. Our material is UV Stabalized and suitable for water storage. Should these reservoirs be required for Aquaculture purposes or for drinking water, we have a certified food grate material, which is suitable for these applications. The holding capacity in this range of reservoirs is from 3000Lt’s up to 169 700Lt’s and come in a standard height of 1.5m’s. The life span of the Mesh Reservoir is typically 12-20 years, which is dependent on location, installation and the type of liquid being stored. The mesh reservoir is easy to install and comes in a complete D.I.Y kit together with a set of easy to follow step-by-step instructions. Should the D.I.Y option not be your preference, installations can be carried out hrough our self-appointed and accredited installation team                        

Corrugated Reservoirs  

Our corrugated iron reservoirs are manufactured from either 0.8mm or 1..2mm thick corrugated sheets, dependent on your needs and are available in either a 1.5m or 2.3m height, with capacities ranging from 13600Lts up to 406 000Lts. They come with a 800g supported PVC Liner, which is UV stabilized and contains biocides to minimize fungus growth, thus making is suitable for drinking water as well as storing fish.  Installed on either  a D.I.Y basis or through our self-appointed and accredited installation team, These tanks offer a medium to long term water storage solution, with an approximate life span of 15-20 years, dependent on climate

New & Replacement PVC Liners

We manufacture new or replacement liners to seal tanks, such as concrete or corrugated tanks that are damaged or leaking due to seasons of continued stress in the African climate.  We have the capacity to make liners to any shape, size and application. We are proud to advise that our 800g PVC liners come with a 12 year guarantee and can be repaired wet or dry. Our liners can be freighted throughout South Africa, and internationally.  If you have an enquiry, be it local or from any remote area, we would like to hear from you.


Panel Reservoirs 

The JMB Panel Reservoir range of reservoirs are suitable for the tough and demanding environmental conditions prevailing in South Africa and the African sub-continent as a whole. By virtue of the uncomplicated nature of their structure and on site assembly process, and ease of transportation, JMB Panel Reservoirs are particularly versatile, having applications in the storage of water and other liquids in the fields of agriculture, forestry, mining and construction as well as the domestic & industrial sectors, amongst others

Our reservoir walls are made of the proven, highly corrosion resistant, ZINCALUME®, G300, alloy coated, structural steel, to a minimum thickness of 1.1mm. The tank liners are manufactured to the highest standards, and are produced from 0,75mm thick, solid film, heavy duty, linear low-density poly-ethylene (LLDPE) of international “food grade” standard.

Water & Fuel Bladder Tanks 

The water & fuel bladders are used predominantly by emergency aid relief organisations & offer a closed cell storage solutions for potable water and fuels.  The bladders are manufactured using a durable, 1000mic food grade material, and comes complete with a ground sheet, 2 x 2” flanges with elbows, valves and male camlocks.  The bladders come in various sizes ranging from 500Lt’s up to 200 000Lt’s. All bladders are economically packed and crated, ready for use

Please note that our bladders are NOT available for rent at this stage.